Dave Tobin was a pretty forgettable lead singer. In fact, as soon as he left town to take a “promising” job, his old bandmates went ahead and replaced him!

But things are looking up. Recently, Dave got laid off, so now he’s back slumming in his hometown! Also, he’s about to make a discovery that will alter the history of popular music and maybe even destroy popular music as we know it!

Novelty song #1 is a musical-comedy-fantasy comic book, the first in a planned 3-part series. It’s a story about music, and will appeal primarily music nerds, but there might be something here for anyone who’s ever loved an idea so much they wanted to steal it.



The central conceit of Novelty Song, about cover songs that literally destroy the originals, is extremely clever and oddly spooky, a wily idea engine that grabs your attention and sits there; as the writer says, “it’s like some idea you neglect to write down that seems like some lost treasure once you’ve forgotten what it actually was.”

-Jason Sacks writing about Novelty Song #1 for Comics Bulletin

 [Novelty Song] addresses the concept that every music fan/musician goes through when they say, “Man, I wish I had written that song.”

-Cat Taylor writing about Novelty Song #1 for Chud.com

a delightfully charming and astutely observed story about the struggles of a small town wannabe and the group of peculiar oddities that make up a local music scene.

-Alex Thomas writing about Novelty Song #1 and Novelty Song #2 for PipeDream Comics

A definite cult air about it proves that it could and SHOULD have a place in anyone’s reading pile…. Great stuff to get lost in as the crazy, the humour & the curiously mundane mix perfectly.

– G-Man writing about Novelty Song #1 and Novelty Song #2 for Comics Anonymous



Novelty Song is written and illustrated by Brian “Bee Tee Dee” Daly. He has website: beeteedee.com

Any questions or comments can be sent to noveltysong (at) gmail dot com.

Novelty Song #2 is available on ComiXology right now! You can read a free preview here!